I love the collaboration that happens when I have the opportunity to work with performers who are excited about new music. After all, the score itself is merely ink on paper; it is not music itself. Music doesn’t exist until the performers interpret the written page and put their unique stamp on it to create a living world of sound. I am often surprised and delighted at the depth and subtlety that comes with a live performance.

It is this joining of ideas and artistry that drives me to compose. Our collaboration can also extend to the creation of a piece in the first place. I am open to your ideas about possible instrumentation, duration, and theme. I want to create a work that you want to perform.

My rates are flexible based the situation of the performer. For example, commissions for a work with several planned performances, performances at a conference, or which are to be recorded can result in a reduced commission.

If you are interested in commissioning a new work for yourself or your ensemble, I would be delighted to discuss your project with you. Please do not hesitate to email me directly at kevin@kmolson.com